The chamber group "GLIARCHIENSEMBLE®" borns in 2003. It consits of eleven elements: six violins, two violas, two cellos and one double-bass player.
Their collaboration with great soloists and conductors (as Boris Belkin, Gunter Neuhold, George Pehlivanian, Hubert Soudant etc.)and the experience on national and international musical stages allowed the ensemble to refine a wide repertory of high level.
In 2005 "GLIARCHIENSEMBLE®" records Antonio Vivaldi's Concerto for four violins, strings and harpsichord, within the project "Il Legno Magico" conceived by the violinmaker Roberto Regazzi ata the "Teatro Massimo" in Palermo.
In the same year they performs at the International Bibliographical Music Museum in Bologna. In May 2005 they are invited to perform at the Grat Hall of Sidney's Music Conservatory for the Sidney Italian Festival.
"Gliarchiensemble" return to Australia two years later performing at Sidney's Verbugghen Hall and at the Wesley Uniting Churchof Canberra, in the occasion of the Italian Republic celebration.
In July 2007 the take part in the international Music Festival of Carthage performing in El Jem and Hammamet.
In 2007 they also open the first Musical season organized by the Italian National Television of Palermo. For which they regularly perform with ambitious programs broadcasted on the RAI International satellite channel.
In April 2008 they tour in Veneto (Villa Contarini, Auditorium G. Comisso, Teatro Sociale) In mArch 2009 "Gliarchiensemble" perform in Switzerland sponsored by the "Kultur Stiftung St. Martin Muri". In Aprilof the same year they open the "First Festival of Chamber Music" in Marsala (Trapani - Italy). They will perform in China (August 2009) and in Venezuela (December 2009).
In 2010 “GliArchiEnsemble” were on tour in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and then they performed at the “Cantiere Internationale D’Arte” in Montepulciano, Italy.
In 2011 a collaboration began between the Sicilian composer Mario Crispi and the Arenaria group, which performed in May at the caves of Frasassi (AN), and in July as part of the Circuit of Myth ( Sicily Region ) at the Cloister of San Francesco in Castelbuono, as well as on the premises of the Royal Borbonic Cellars in Partinico.
In August 2011 they performed at the St. Barnabas Amphitheatre in Valderice (TP) and at the Timoleontean Walls in Gela (CL), holding two concerts with music by Roberto Molinelli.
In April 2012 they recorded their second CD , thanks to the collaboration with Fonè of Giulio Cesare Ricci. A disc called "The sound of the '900", with music by Elgar, Warlock and Suk, was created from the recordings which took place at the Persius Flaccus theater in Volterra. It was fixed on a 24k gold support of limited edition and was presented at the Galà of High Fidelity at the Lingotto of Turin in October, and then in Palermo at the headquarters of the Banca Popolare S. Angelo, sponsor of the disc. They were inaugurated during July with their concert "Music in Court" at Villa Boscogrande, and they performed at the Teatro Massimo (October); both in Palermo. In December they took part in the Stiftung Kammermusik um alb acht festival in Basel.
On December 29, at the Teatro Comunale of Cefalù, they concluded a series of concerts dedicated to the memory of the violinist, Salvatore Cicero.
2013 finds the ensemble involved in the recording of composer Angelo Gilardino's original music, and in recording the soundtrack, written by Francesco Di Fiore, for the movie directed by Giuseppe Gigliorosso “Ore Diciotto In Punto” ("Six O’clock Sharp"). The solidarity of the artists and their desire to disclose the art of music brings the band to offer a concert for the event "Palermo Opens the Doors", held at the Palazzo Mirto and Palazzo Mazzarino. The ensemble furthermore held a concert on the premises of the E. Majorana Erice Centre ( TP), and participated in the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the Fonè recording house, at the Auditorium of the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera ( PI).
In December 2013 gliarchiensemble celebrated ten years career with a new CD titled "Suggestions" with a Stradivarius label.